Welcome to Kon Tiki, your drinking home in the Caribbean. If you’re stepping off a cruise, or vacationing on Antigua, be sure to stop by, flag down the boat, and partake in a drink or two.


Kon Tiki was named after Thor Heyerdahl’s 1940’s expedition from South America, to the Polynesian islands on what was essentially a raft. Slightly scaled down, this Kon Tiki seldom moves, as she is on anchor in Dickinson Bay, Antigua.

First envisioned by Emma as a floating social gathering for friends and family, it was decided to expand so that it could serve customers. Emma and Johnny are your hosts onboard.

First launched on 29th October 2017, after being built and fitted out at Crabbs boat yard, she has only once had a planned movement, which was in September 2018 with a potential hurricane bearing down on Antigua. She was moved back to Crabbs boat yard, and maintenance took place. A few weeks later, she was back in her usual spot.

A few upgrades have happened since first launched. Kon Tiki 2 (the boat to and from shore) now has an engine, and solar has been added so that there is lighting in the evenings.


5 star ratingYou just have to experience it. Just fantastic. The atmosphere out on this little floating tiki bar is amazing. Drinks are powerful. Bartender is very engaging.... more

RockyRaccoon Avatar
04 Mar 2019

5 star ratingLove it Husband and I had this down as one of the places to visit - so unique. Yes reviews mixed but... more

Debbie M Avatar
Debbie M
09 Jul 2019

5 star ratingNot a beach bar but a sea bar !!! (bar in sea) Arrived at Antigua on cruise ship with just a day to enjoy the island. Decided to visit Dickenson's bay which... more

supaken Avatar
03 Mar 2019

5 star ratingUnique in Antigua, or maybe anywhere Our second trip to Antigua and have enjoyed the hospitality of John and Emma a couple of times each week.... more

johnwQ9508YW Avatar
27 Apr 2019


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